We offer two active security systems for drowning prevention in swimming pools.

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Innovative system for drowning prevention that works through a transmitter in a wristband.


Sentag Wristbands

This system controls time and depth of the submerged user.

If those parameters exceed the set requirements, an alarm system will be activated and a notice will be sent to the lifeguard’s wearables.

(The parameters are configurable for each bracelet depending on the swimmer’s level, for example 25 seconds and 80cm)

The use of the RFID technology for the local equipment is also possible.

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Camera system which detects automatically risk situations.


AngelEye Cameras

This system uses algorithms to detect when a body is motionless for a certain time and depth.

When this situation occurs, an alarm system is set off and a signal is sent to the lifeguards in the swimming pool.

Wearables and warning systems examples