We are expers in pools and aquatic environments safety. We offer the following products:

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Tiny device that alerts you when a person or pet falls into the water.

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LifeBuoy Alarm

Triggers an alarm when a person or pet falls into the water.

It's unique characteristics are:

· Doesn't require instalation.
· Controlled via App.
· Adjust of the sensibily.
· Know when the cover of your pool is lifted.

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Bluefox ST1

Security wristband that triggers an alarm to prevent drownings.

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Bluefox ST1 Wristband

The ST1 monitors how much time and at what depth a person is.

In case that the default parameters are exceeded, the system will activate an alarm, by releasing a buoy to the surface with an incorporated siren of 100dB. To update the time/depth parpameters according to a swimmer's skill level, it is possible to connect the wristband to a computer via USB.

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Leading technology to enjoy the best sun and tan with no worries!

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Helio Tent offers total and immediate sun protection without renouncing to a bit of tan effects.

The tent is mounted in less than 1 minute and has a sun filter that protects against UV-A and UV-B rays, as well as IR-A (infrared). It lets through only the beneficial specturm of light that helps produce vitamins and makes you tan.

The HelioTent sun filter also reduces the heat sensation.

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Professional system for the prevention of drowning base on wristbands.

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Sentag Wristbands

This system monitors the underwater time and depth of the user.

In the event that this parameters exceed the programmed standards, the corresponding alarms will be triggered, such as wearables for the pool personnel.

(The parameters can be configured for each bracelet according to the user's smimming skills. For instance, at 25 seconds and 80cm of depth.)

It is also possible to make use of the bracelets RFID capabilities for the managemnet of the facilities

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Professional anti-drowning system based on cameras that automatically detects risk situations.

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AngelEye Cameras

The drowning prevention is made possible by the AngelEye software, which will identify the patters of a drowning person.

When a risk situation occurs, the alarms will activate and trigger the corresponding awarness systems, such as wearables for the swimming pool personnel.

Examples of wearables and alarm systems available: